In mid-August, the southern part of Louisiana was hit with an historic flood. Over 2 feet of rain has flooded the southern half of the state, forcing the state to declare a state of emergency in around 30 parishes- that’s close to half the state. Having hit and flooded parts of the state that are normally safe from floods and hurricanes, many home-owners do not have flood insurance. With multiple deaths and over 30,000 people forced to evacuate their homes, there is much we can do to help our Louisiana family. If you want to help our beautiful state become whole again, please consider giving any amount. All of the donations given below will be given to help the families restore a sense of normalcy in their lives. On top of the donations given, any amount raised above the cost of Purpose Conference 2016 will be given to the restoration of Southern Louisiana. If you cannot give financially, please consider taking a few days and coming with us to the southern part of our state to help the tens of thousands of families who need our help.

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